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What Is QUEST 13?

QUEST 13 is about energy, consciousness and connection.

It is an integrative process which encourages us to find our own answers to our personal challenges and reconnect to ourselves and our lives in a new and dynamic way.

Sigmund Freud held a poor view of human potential when he spoke about the role of therapy as being to "change hysterical misery into ordinary human unhappiness."

In QUEST 13 we go a lot further than that, and in much less time. Because the process works with the energy as well as cognition/perception, even one session can have a big effect.

"It is hard to articulate really the huge difference the [one] session with you has made on my life. I feel very strong, supported and know clearly know who I am in the world."
Lise, Tauranga, April 2006

Many of us these days are experiencing that our lives are unstable and change seems to be a constant rather than an occasional guest. Old solutions and responses are no longer working, and just when we think we have got things in order, another rug is pulled out from under our feet.

The QUEST 13 process enables us to perceive our problems in a new way – not as something to be rushed through, got rid of or suppressed in order to return to a life that is ordered and stable, but learning to respond without resistance, and searching for the seed of transformation that is inherent in every challenge.

The QUEST 13 process is not about trawling through our past for explanations of our current problems, but about waking up to the unseen connections that enable us to value our lives – its seeming problems and challenges as much as its safety and security.

"This is the easiest, breeziest and most wonderful process I have ever done in my life. It is teaching me that spiritual and emotional growth does not have to be as hard as delivering a baby!"
Sonja, Auckland, October 2007

The QUEST 13 process enables us to view challenge as an ally, change as a friend, and to re-organise our perceptions so we can embrace the potential for transformation in each connected event in our lives.

When we stop trying to be in control, we can explore the possibility of allowing life to be the way it is. When we let go of struggling we can discover a new trust in ourselves. When we surrender to reality, it often ceases to be scary. Then we can relax and participate gracefully in the unfolding dance and drama of our lives.

"Something has definitely shifted for me. In the past I couldn't really be me. Since the session I finally have a sense of being OK. Yes I still have the same tendencies, habits, faults even, but I'm OK, there is an acceptance of 'this is me, here, now, at the moment'."
Fran, Auckland, April 2005

It is our relationship to what is happening which determines our experience. The aim of QUEST 13 is to facilitate people having an open exchange with the world, using what is happening for their own growth and expanded consciousness.

"Kia ora dear Lori ...the time I spent with you was a privilege and a pleasure and very much a voyage of discovery is wonderful to surprise myself with myself ...thank you for creating the opportunity to do was truly inspirational to work with you."
Wendy, Auckland, October 2007

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