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Quantum Energy

QUEST is an acronym for QUantum Energy for Self Transformation.
The QUEST 13 process is based on some of the principles of quantum physics.

What is Quantum Physics?

Quantum physics is the study of what happens within atoms. Atoms are the building blocks of the physical world. In 1911 Ernest Rutherford (from New Zealand) discovered that the atom consists of a central nucleus surrounded by a cloud of electrons circling around the nucleus in precise orbits. Every so often, when conditions are right, an electron shifts from one orbit to another, either by releasing a quantum of energy so it moves closer to the nucleus, or by absorbing a quantum of energy to move to an orbit further from the nucleus. This spontaneous movement is where the term 'quantum leap' originated.

diagram showing how atoms make a quantum jump

The aim of each QUEST 13 session is to create the right conditions in which a shift in energy occurs spontaneously. Using the electron as an analogy, a client will release (negative) energy or absorb (positive) energy during the session and can then be able to view life from a new perspective – a new orbit.

"After my session with you I literally felt a changed woman! Wow! Thanks ever so much to you, to me and to God for all the help and support in this healing journey of life. I have gone from feeling small, grey and apologetic to being and feeling more expansive, stronger, lighter and happier in myself than I have done in ages."
Pauline, Auckland, 2005

Wave/Particle Duality

We think of ourselves and the world around us as being solid. However, according to quantum physics this is only partially true. The startling discovery was made 100 years ago that atoms are not only particles – like minute billiard balls, moving around and bumping into one another – but also AT THE SAME TIME they are waves – like undulations in the ocean, with no walls, no sides, no edges. Our physical reality is not simply made up of particles, as was previously assumed. These particles are also waves, simultaneously.

The implication is that we, as humans, do not just function as separate billiard balls bumping into one another from time to time. We have another function, that of being a wave, where we are not separate, we are part of a great ocean of oneness.

Diagram showing wave/particle duality

This diagram might help to illustrate what I mean: above the line is what we perceive as ordinary reality – little balls on stalks. But under the line the stalks are all connected. Imagine a string of Xmas fairy lights – at first glance only the glow of the lights is visible and they all look separate, but in fact they are all strung together on a wire which conducts the electricity which enables them to glow. Quantum physics has established that the same is true of us; we are all connected by invisible waves of energy.

Another way of looking at it might be to suggest that while our bodies are our particle aspect, our consciousness is our wave aspect. Our consciousness is part of the ocean of oneness, where all droplets are connected, there is no separation – only connectedness.

QUEST 13 takes wave function to be as much reality as particle function, and assists clients in identifying with their consciousness as well as their physical experience. This is often a revelation and a relief.

"I have this sense that the whole point [of QUEST 13] is transcendence and that in the usual therapeutic model we are just mucking around with trying to be a healthier happier 'particle'. I feel strongly that we are being called to evolve our consciousness beyond this particle level and remain connected to our 'wave' energy. To move beyond any identity. In other words to move from the 'I am something/someone' to the 'I am'."
Eleanor, Waiheke Island, Nov 06

Waves and Frequencies

All of life is energy, which is measurable as frequencies (waves). Our bodies are made up of frequencies, as are our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and moods. If we change the frequencies, we change the thoughts, emotions and moods, and in time, the body also.

In QUEST 13 we use energy modalities – or simple exercises – to change the frequencies to create coherence in the energy field so we can progress to full health and self expression.

"We can, in an instant, switch our worldview to experience just how fluid and effortless existence can be. QUEST 13 is the best avenue I've come across of awakening to that potential."
Melanie, Northland, 2006


Coherence is wholeness – a harmonious interplay between all aspects – a state of orderliness as opposed to chaos. Examples of coherence are a team of boatmen rowing in perfect timing; a choir singing harmony; a corps de ballet dancing in exquisite formation, and in physics, atoms vibrating in phase.

In each of these, something is achieved through coherence that would not otherwise be as successful. The rowers wouldn't get so far if they weren't rowing together; the choir would not sound as good without coherence and the ballet dancers might put on a good show but it would not have the same effect as their dancing in perfect formation.

As for the atoms, they do their thing whether they are in phase (working together) or not. They have no preferences. However, it is worth taking a look at what can happen when atoms are in phase. It looks like this:

creating coherence

In the first diagram the atoms are moving in all directions, randomly. In the second, they have been brought into phase (coherence), they are working together, acting as one. This amplifies their effectiveness.

Photons are particles of light which, when they are shining from a regular light bulb, behave like the arrows in the first diagram. When they are brought into phase (diagram 2) through the application of electro magnetic currents, they create a laser beam. We all know how powerful laser beams are – they can cut through metal.

This is the power available when we are in phase (coherence) within ourselves – we can achieve our goals effortlessly. Sessions in QUEST 13 create coherence in our energy field so life becomes easier on all levels.

"Thank you so much for making it safe for me to go there yesterday - it was a beautiful session! Afterwards I just SAT and did nothing for a good half hour just basking in beingness and integrating. Even though I still have the same amount to do and still haven't had much sleep, the pressure has lessened significantly."
Jenny, Sydney, April 2008

The Butterfly Effect

It is a well known tenet of new physics that a small cause can create a large effect; it is often referred to as the Butterfly Effect and goes along the lines of: the movement of a butterfly’s wing in the Amazon can cause a hurricane in China.

In other words, a small adjustment in the energy field can have a big effect on someone. In a QUEST13 session, we use specific healing exercises to bring about change in the energy field. These exercises, because they are selected through muscle testing (kinesiology), provide precise, focused energy input to make the crucial adjustment. The muscle test removes the hit and miss aspect of random application, we only do what is required. This may seem a very small input, but because of the butterfly effect, it is all that is needed to bring about a big shift in coherence.

Most of us believe that we need to do lots of personal work before we can expect any significant change. Understanding quantum energy alters that belief. With a system as effective as QUEST 13, our lives can become fine-tuned in a short space of time.

"Thank you so much for what you helped me achieve yesterday. I feel great! I feel free and highly motivated, and it’s amazing how not feeling guilty about everything has impacted on my children’s response to me. They actually do what I ask of them cheerfully – my tone of voice must have changed to one of calm belief in them and their willingness to co-operate! I have more energy and am more focused. Wow, all that in just 1.5 hours!"
Heike, Northland, June 2007

The Unity of Matter

One of the properties of the quantum world is that everything is interconnected, there is no separation. This is due to the wave function. An ocean is made up of countless drops of water, yet none of them is separate from one another.

In the last 20 years it has been proved that electrons communicate with each other instantaneously, despite distance between them. Controlled experiments have shown that changes occurring in atoms in one laboratory occur simultaneously in similar atoms in another laboratory. This defies the laws of classical physics. Einstein was skeptical about this aspect of quantum physics, he called it "spooky action at a distance". It is one of the properties of quantum weirdness which still defies belief in some scientific quarters. And yet all experiments in recent years have shown that "action at a distance" is real.

This principle explains why distance healing or prayer works. It allows us confidently to offer QUEST 13 sessions at a distance, through the Higher Self Application. When given permission to focus on the energy of a client, a session can be conducted using the practitioner's own energy system to represent that of the client. The healing adjustments which done on their behalf are experienced by them instantly, even if they are on the other side of the world.

"The sessions on us all are helping. I am feeling stronger in myself and clearer and so able to work with [my daughters] more positively. The sessions have given me a greater understanding of us all and compassion. I have stopped all painkillers for 7 weeks and am coping fine."
Kate, Scotland, April 2006.

Personal Empowerment Through QUEST 13

Whether we understand it or not, quantum energy informs us of how extraordinary life is. Exploring even a few of the basic principles opens up for us a world in which miraculous change can occur. Sessions in QUEST 13 can empower us with tools which keep our energy balanced and coherent. We can then live in a state of wholeness and become who we were born to be.

"I just wanted to let you know that I deeply appreciate the exploration you conducted and the space you held throughout the [phone] session. The felt impact was immediate; from a lightness in my shoulder muscles, a greater sense of emotional compassion and heart, and a reconnection with spiritual power. Since then I have experienced a subtle shift of mind which has created an ease in life and work. Not surprisingly synchronicity has met me half way with a number of new opportunities. Thank you and Bless you."
Alan, Auckland, December 2006

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