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Journey Into Healing

Medical Marriage, The New Partnership Between Orthodox and Complementary Medicine

Journey into Healing
By Lori Forsyth
Balnain Books, 1993
(out of print but available direct from Lori)

Writing has always been a natural and absorbing activity for me. During my 20's when I was doing lots of personal growth workshops, a frequent question was, what goals do you want to set in your life? Writing a book was always on my list. Ten years later I was practicing as a kinesiologist and a couple who ran a small publishing company came for sessions. A while later they invited me to write about my work. I was thrilled, flattered and daunted.

How was I go going to write a whole book? For the next few months I carried notebooks with me in which I jotted thoughts, or copying paragraphs from books which touched me. When I felt ready to begin writing I went through them, trying to find a starting place, wanting to be intellectual and expecting to follow one of the conceptual outlines I had imagined I might use. It didn't work. I needed to find a different approach.

I sat in meditation and allowed myself to empty my anxieties and preferences. In the still space within I felt a clear voice say, "Start by telling the story of … " That seemed simple. I returned to my computer and did what I'd been told. When that was complete I sat quietly again and in time my inner voice prompted me with another memory. I wrote about that one. Step by step the book proceeded. Each morning I simply sat in meditation and waited the next inspiration. It never failed. And so Journey into Healing birthed itself. It is a collection of anecdotes of events and reflections on meetings and teachings that have been important to me.

"I am writing to express my thanks and admiration for your intriguing, challenging but also most practical book, Journey into Healing'. It was at once for me a book that I had to keep inserting bits of paper into to remind me to reread and reflect. As a whole and in its parts the book has made me appreciate the importance of valuing who I am and any potential I am blessed with."
Michael, England, 1994

The book has not sold in large numbers, but it has seemed to find its way to people to whom it spoke deeply in some way of their own journey.

I have kept a file of the letters and emails I have received from people over the years, many of them, like Michael above, complete strangers. To my astonishment and delight, they still keep trickling in, 15 years after the book was published.

"I passed my book shelf one evening and had a strong urge to pick up your book. I began to read that night and the following days. It was like a jolt through me because over the years I have doubted myself and often my direction has been foggy. Page after page and often paragraph after paragraph were confirmation, validation to me. I wanted to shout "Yes! Look at this! I think this too!" I have wept tears of relief and joy. I know that the book represents your journey in life. I have my own journey to experience. I was drawn to read your book at this time for a reason. I am going to focus now on my spiritual journey and work on developing my healing tools. Thank you so much!"
Jillian, Edinburgh, 2008

"I finished your book the other night, I so enjoyed reading it and to having you close to me in the way that the style of writing allowed/facilitated…. I am amazed at how it has affected me from beginning to end. I feel awakened to much more of my inner self."
Flora, Greece, 2007

"You gave me a copy of your book Journey into Healing [in 1995]. I don't think I read it at the time but the other day it caught my eye in my bookcase and since then I couldn't put it down! So much of it rings so many bells. I found your e-mail address on the internet and see you are now in New Zealand, and take the liberty of writing to you to say how much I now appreciate your book."
Elizabeth, Scotland, 2008

When the stock was remaindered I bought it, and now sell books to anyone who asks. If you would like a copy, please be in touch.

NZ $20 plus p&p NZ $5 nationally, NZ $10 internationally.

Payment can be made by credit card, cheque or internet banking. Please see the payments page for more information.

If you are overseas, email me for conversion and payment options.

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Medical Marriage: The New Partnership Between Orthodox and Complementary Medicine
By Dr Cornelia Featherstone and Lori Forsyth
Findhorn Press, 1997
(out of print but available second hand on

In 1994 my friend, Cornelia Featherstone, asked if I would collaborate on a book she wanted to put together. It was to be written by practitioners of many different complementary disciplines and would be a reference book for anyone wanting to know more, but especially for medical practitioners, who needed clear information about the therapies that their patients might be using as an adjunct to medical treatment.

It was a wonderful project to work on and the book was well received. We sought reviews from people we had met through the conferences we held at Findhorn of the same title, Medical Marriage. The following are a sample:

"Essential reading for all those interested in the field of alternative health, Medical Marriage presents a dynamic and healthy perspective on the evolving relationship between orthodox and complementary medicine."
Caroline Myss, PhD, author and medical intuitive.

"Medical Marriage provides a road map to the social transformation of medicine taking place throughout the world."
Dr Norm Shealy, MD, PhD, founder of the Shealy Institute for Comprehensive Health Care.

"This is a warm, wonderful thorough and above all honest exploration of a new medical dimension which is emerging out of mutually respectful teamwork between orthodox and complementary health care professionals. The messages which this book offers should be read – and above all applied – by every health care professional."
Leon Chaitow, ND, DO. author, consultant osteopath and naturopath.

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