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QUEST 13 Retreats on Waiheke Island

Do you:

  • ◊ have an issue that you want to do some focused work on?
  • ◊ want to take time out from your daily life?
  • ◊ want time to be alone with yourself?
  • ◊ want to give yourself a treat?

A QUEST 13 retreat on beautiful Waiheke Island is a wonderful experience. We live in an eco-village situated in 400 acres of rural tranquillity and native bush at the eastern end of the island. Our extensive garden produces organic vegetables and fruit, we keep our own hens for free range eggs and raise our own cattle for organic beef.

Image of Awaawaroa Bay Tidal Estuary

We live on a tidal estuary and in fine weather can go out fishing or boating. We share the valley with 14 other families similarly committed to organic, ecological principles (see We have built our own mud brick house and are off the grid, producing our own power from solar panels and a windmill. Visitors always comment on the peace and beauty of this little paradise.

"Thank you so much for such a fantastic experience on Waiheke Island, I was sad to leave. The sessions were inspirational and I feel they have allowed healing on a core basis. I have noticed on returning home how grounded I am and how differently I am relating to people... Thanks again for your open heart, welcoming home and wonderful island paradise."
Christine, Kerikeri, February 2005

Image of the QUEST 13 healing room and the bedroom where you would be staying on a QUEST 13 retreat

QUEST 13 Retreat, sample itinerary:

  • ◊ Catch the 12 noon ferry from downtown Auckland.
  • ◊ Be collected and brought to the eco-village.
  • ◊ Have lunch.
  • ◊ Receive a QUEST 13 session.
  • ◊ Free time until dinner for walking, having a swim, reading etc.
  • ◊ Enjoy a sauna, meditate, or rest.
  • ◊ Family dinner time, all food home-cooked, organic, gourmet standard.
  • ◊ Special diets catered for.
  • ◊ Indulge in an early night.
  • ◊ The following morning, after breakfast, receive another session.
  • ◊ Catch the 12 noon ferry back to Auckland.

Even 24 hours can be wonderfully restorative and healing.

"What an amazing experience - thanks for sharing your magical island with me Lori. The benefits of the session have been great - marvellous shift, am much more comfortable in my own skin and am very happy with the choices I make."
Katey, Auckland, November 2007

Image of Kotare, Lori's house and garden

Cost of a 24 hour retreat includes:

  • ◊ transport from/to the ferry,
  • ◊ all organic food and wine,
  • ◊ two QUEST 13 sessions.

NZ $300 for a single person.
NZ $495 for a couple.

You can extend your stay for up to 3 days.
Repeat retreats are offered at a 10% discount.

Retreats can be paid for by credit card, internet banking or cheque in all major currencies. See payment options for more details.

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