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QUEST 13 Sessions For Babies and Children

QUEST 13 works brilliantly with babies and children. This is a particularly rewarding aspect of my practice. Mothers can feel helpless when their babies are unhappy or their children are displaying anti-social behaviours for no obvious reason. QUEST 13, via the Higher Self Application is a simple, reliable way of revealing and soothing the root cause of the distress and mothers consistently report positive improvements after one (or sometimes two) sessions.

"Thank you so much for this. Over the weekend I did notice a change in [my baby] - he was settled and happy, dissolving into peals of laughter at times, and really enjoying meeting some of his extended family for the first time. I didn't get your email until we returned, so wasn't aware that you'd done the session. So we can really see the difference."
Megan, Auckland, April 2007

How It Works

I receive an emailed outline from the parent about the child's perceived symptoms, then, without further contact with child or parent, I use muscle testing to identify the details and causes of the disharmony, working from prepared lists and tables of options. I then apply whatever healing the child needs, a procedure which I call 'making the quantum intervention'. I use my energy and consciousness to stand in for those of the baby or child; as I make changes in my own energy field, those same changes are applied simultaneously to the infant, wherever in the world s/he may be.

The Higher Self Application works through the principle of quantum physics known as 'Entangled Particles'; atoms are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. Experiments have been done for 25 years demonstrating this: identical scenarios are set up in two separate laboratories. In one lab the scientist stimulates the particles and in the other the scientist does nothing. Identical changes are observed in both labs instantaneously.

"Hi Lori, thankyou so much for [my baby's] healing session. Do you remember what time you did the session? Was it about 1:30pm? If you could let me know that would be excellent as we were both in bed together and while asleep, for about 10 minutes, he had what I would call a purging. He made weird noises, snorted, put his fingers in his mouth, contorted his expressions, his breathing fastened, and he jerked his body. Once this started to subside he began to smile and then lay so peacefully it was beautiful. I was so glad I was there to see it. He has improved since then. What I've noticed the most is that he will go to bed by himself without such a performance. He seems more at peace, more relaxed."
Danielle, Northland, August 2005

This is baffling even to those scientists who observe the phenomena. No-one has ever explained how particles achieve this feat. Scientists have dealt with this problem, according to one physicist, "by not thinking about it".

"Albert Einstein sneered at the very possibility of such a thing, calling it "spooky action at a distance". Scientists still (somewhat shamefacedly) speak of the "magic" of "quantum weirdness". And yet all experiments in recent years have shown that Einstein was wrong and that action at a distance is real." (Malcolm W. Browne)

Luckily I don't need to know how it works, I just make use of the fact that it does. It allows QUEST 13 to be applied to those who are too young, or for some other reason unable to verbalise their issues and make a difference in their lives.

Case Stories

◊ A baby with a blocked tear duct since birth and resulting weeping eye received a session early one morning and when she woke up an hour later the eye was normal. In this case the symptom returned within a week and I was asked to do a second session. After that the symptom remained clear.

"Thought you might be interested to know that [my baby's] eye is now completely clear. No mucky discharge at all. There were no changes immediately after the session until 2 weeks later when we [did the anchoring activity]. She is now sleeping heaps better and appears to be much more content. We and our 8 1/2 month old baby are so pleased and would like to thank you so much."
Maree, Northland, June 2005

◊ A toddler was playing up at day-care and had become known as the 'biting child'. QUEST 13 cleared this pattern in one session and his mother wrote:

"[he] has had three days of gentle nature and loving cuddles. His teachers at day-care are astounded that he has changed so quickly overnight and really enjoy his presence again. He is sleeping right through the night also."
Vicky, Auckland, May 2008

◊ A teenage boy diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome received a session and within two hours his mother noticed that he was able to speak to someone and look them in the eye at the same time. He had been able to do either one or the other previously, but never together. His diagnosis was later adjusted.

"Thank you for the session you did for [my son]. I can tell you that over a few days I saw incredible results and he was able to address a few things that have been long standing problems for him, showing increased self care and self respect. I really was delighted for him and I have enjoyed some freedom from the pressures I have had raising him."
Alison, Northland, October 2005

To Request a Session

To request a session for your baby or child, simply send me a brief outline of the symptoms as you perceive them. I will let you know when I can schedule a session and you will receive a full email report plus details of any anchoring activities you need to do for your baby in order to integrate the effects of the session.

Cost and Payment

Sessions for babies and children under 16 cost NZ$40 and can be paid for by credit card, internet banking or cheque in all major currencies. See payment options for more details.

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