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QUEST 13 By Email

I work with people around the world who I never meet but who write me heartfelt emails of thanks for having helped them move through challenges. I do this using the Higher Self Application of QUEST 13.

"The results of the sessions have been fantastic, I am so full of energy, bounce and joy, it's wonderful. Someone the other day described me as being 'sparkly', nice eh? And [my friend] reckons that she is seeing who I truly am for the first time since knowing me. I am generally feeling wonderful, inspired and motivated. Thank you sooooo much Lori, I really appreciate your work with me, you have made an enormous difference in my life."
Kirsty, Scotland, February 2007

This works like distance healing. I receive your request and schedule a time to focus on you and your issue. I muscle test to identify the root cause of your distress and clear it by channeling healing energy through my own energy field. You receive the benefits instantaneously, just as if you were in the room receiving healing in person.

If this seems either miraculous or ridiculous, it is neither. It is the result of a law of quantum physics called Entangled Particles which has been proven in laboratory experiments for more than 30 years. Conditions for the experiment are set up in two separate laboratories. In Lab A an intervention is made, in Lab B the scientists simply observe the behaviour of the atoms and electrons involved in the experiment. The changes made in Lab A are observed to result in identical changes occurring in Lab B simultaneously.

"Dear Lori...just to let you know how things are progressing since you did my higher self session. I can't believe the change in me!!! It sounds crazy but I wake up each morning now and think excitedly about the day ahead."
Lil, Northland, March 2006

Healers have believed in this principle long before science verified its existence. But it is nice to know why it works.

To Request A Session

If you would like a session, just send me an email outlining briefly (one paragraph is enough but you are welcome to write more if you wish) the challenge or issue that is causing you distress. I will respond by scheduling a time when I can do the session and you will forward your payment. At the scheduled time you do not have to do anything special, but it is useful for you to be aware that changes are being made in your energy field and you may start to notice a shift in attitude or perception. I send you an email report on what I found out, what I did on your behalf, and what results you can expect.

Higher Self sessions cost:

  • ◊ NZ$60
  • ◊ NZ$80 for a session for a couple
  • ◊ NZ$40 for a child under 16

Sessions can be paid by for by credit card, internet banking or cheque in all major currencies. See payment options for more details.

"Dear Lori - wow, thank you thank you!!!! I only got back to Devon last night to read your email. I wept - it resonated so deeply, and made so much sense. I then just slept through the night and ALL day today, I literally only got up at 4pm. I'm sure I'll be back for more Quests in good time, and imagine I will be sending many people your way if that's ok - thank you!! Sending you much love and huge gratitude for the profound and beautiful work that you do."
Debs, England, August 2008

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