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After Your Session

What Happened There?

"I came in hating my ex husband and went out forgiving him. How did that happen?"

"I shifted from feeling a hopeless victim to reconnecting to my personal power in only 1.5 hours, how is that possible?"

"I thought I could never forgive myself for what happened but some place during the session I did. I feel complete freedom. How can one session achieve that?"

These are the kinds of questions I get asked regularly after QUEST 13 sessions. One way of describing it to imagine that you are a radio which, as a result of being battered about by life experiences, is now picking up static and sounding awful. In your QUEST 13 session we re-tune your radio so you can pick up and play clear signals again.

"I feel different in my daily life. I feel my spirit is here now. I have had comments from a couple of people that 'there's something different about you, you've changed, it's like I can see you now'."
Catherine, Wellington, 2006

For a fuller explanation, read on.

A Recap of the Process

In your QUEST 13 session, we identified the negative beliefs that you were resonating with. This is like identifying the static.

Then you did the 'Awakenings' (healing exercises), selected through muscle testing. Because everything is energy, these simple exercises pulsed harmonious frequencies through your own energy field, restoring your own balanced energy. This is the re-tuning part.

We then rechecked the resonance to confirm the shift and found that the negative statements you had originally been resonating with were now cleared.

Once your energy had changed, your thoughts and feelings could – and did – change. At the end of your session, you were invited to reflect again on the problem you came in with and you found you felt differently about it.

"It always amazes me how following our sessions I just feel fantastic and do not even remember what thoughts I was resonating with prior to working through them. It really is just great, so thank you."
Victoria, Auckland, June 2007

This demonstrates that it is not our circumstances which cause us pain or make us happy. Happiness is an inside job. QUEST 13 helps us to achieve this with remarkable ease.

Life Is Energy

The key to life, the universe and everything is understanding that IT IS ALL ENERGY. Every thought, word and deed has – and is – an energy frequency: a wave pattern emitted by ourselves in the same way that light comes from a lamp or sound is produced by a radio.

We are all pulsing out frequencies continually and affecting the atmosphere around us. We are also taking in frequencies continually, from the sun or the clouds, from the colours of the décor, from the sounds that we are hearing, from the food we are eating and, at a more subtle but equally real level, from the thoughts and feelings of people around us. We are frequency processing machines.

We have a core energy, like a blueprint of who we are, which comes from our genetic make-up (what we have inherited from our parents) and from our individual soul energy (which comes from the source). But we are highly mutable – we change, we take on new frequencies, we are affected by our surroundings, our circumstances, our interactions, and our conditioning. Our frequencies are not fixed.

Feeling High or Low

There is a huge spectrum of frequencies that we can emit or be affected by. They can be low and slow or high and fast, covering a vast range of options.

Each frequency arises from – and results in – different feelings, thoughts and actions. We can tell whether we are emitting high or low frequencies because this is how we feel, and we even use this language to describe it. We might say "I am feeling low" when the thoughts we are having are depressed or sad or frustrated. These "low" thoughts (or frequencies) are partnered by corresponding actions which might include comfort eating or drinking, aimlessly watching TV, or moaning to a friend.

On the other hand, at times we might describe ourselves as "feeling high" which would imply a state of excitement or inspiration, happiness, joy and corresponding activities like getting on with tasks enthusiastically, being energetic outdoors or seeking the company of positive like-minded friends.

The Law of Attraction

This is how we choose our friends – we recognise matching frequencies within them and are drawn to their company. We share a similar frequency range – our highs and lows match theirs. We resonate with them. The frequency of a person finds a resonance (an echo, or a match) within us and we are drawn to it.

A similar thing happens with activities, substances, thoughts and emotions. We are attracted by stuff which we resonate with. If we want to stop doing, thinking or feeling something, we have to move out of resonance with that frequency.

The aim of the QUEST 13 session is to move an individual's energy system from one operating frequency to another.

"The Quest was so powerful and the realizations were remarkable, I couldn't stop smiling all day. There is a marked difference in my energy and I feel I'm at the helm of my own ship again."
Elisabeth, Auckland, November 2005

Balanced Frequencies

The session breaks the vicious cycle of: negative thought → negative feeling → negative action → more negative thoughts. It restores the core frequencies (re-tunes the radio). From this clearer frequency you can now access different, more harmonious thoughts which produce more positive feelings and correspondingly healthier actions. By reinforcing the healthy actions, you can maintain and integrate the new energy frequency and in time this will become your new "norm".

"Thank you again for the wonderful, liberating process – and for taking time to type up and send me the notes. I do treasure and honour your skill, wisdom, guidance and holding of my first QUEST 13 adventure. Am still feeling centred, connected and light and holding the harmony. Amazing process it was/is."
Natalie, Auckland, April 07

The On-Going Journey

We are all bombarded by countless frequencies in our world, day in, day out and that will never change.

However, as our core energy strengthens, we are less likely to be thrown out of alignment with ourselves, we can maintain our equilibrium even when others around us are 'being negative', or when circumstances are challenging. QUEST 13 sessions support us and remind us who we really are and what we are capable of in this on-going journey of life.

"Working with Lori over a period of time was useful because I could revisit some issues in greater depth. It was challenging, practical, fun and very effective. I also felt emotionally safe and supported. QUEST 13 for me is about health, healing, love and putting the spark back into living. It is a slightly magical yet grounding experience. Definitely empowering and life changing."
Maria, Northland, November 2007

Your Next Session

Choosing to book another session is always left up to you. It is not my job to assume that you need to have on-going sessions. Because the process is quantum, its effect ripples out through all areas of your life, and sometimes one session is all that is needed to catapult you to the next stage of your own development.

However, QUEST 13 is a fantastic way to keep adjusting dynamically to your own life circumstances and to keep perceiving your life and the world around you from a place of inner peace and acceptance.

"Initially I thought I would have one session but it was so good that I elected to have more. Right now I am thrilled with my life, the insights I have gained, the healthy and powerful sense of self-determination and freedom that define my actions and reactions."
Vivienne, Auckland, 2006

So remember that all this is just an email away.

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