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About Lori

About Lori Forsyth

photos of Lori Forsyth and Rosemareyn van der Sluis
The co-creators of QUEST 13,
Lori Forsyth (left) and Rosemareyn van der Sluis (right)

Lori Forsyth is a healer, teacher and writer who has been involved in complementary medicine since 1981. She trained in kinesiology which she has practised and taught in a variety of forms ever since.

Lori lived at Findhorn – the spiritual community in Scotland – for 16 years, learning from many renowned visiting teachers; Caroline Myss, Ram Dass, Elizabeth Kubler Ross, Ina May Gaskin, Patch Adams and Machaelle Small Wright to name a few. During that time she wrote two books, Journey into Healing (1993) and Medical Marriage: the New Partnership Between Orthodox and Complementary Medicine (1997) which was co-authored with Cornelia Featherstone, the medical doctor at the Findhorn Foundation. The impulse for this book arose from a series of 3 annual conferences of the same name which promoted multi-disciplinary co-operation.

Lori was a director of Holistic Health Care Ltd, a branch of the Foundation health care services which set up a pioneering, multi-disciplinary clinic. In 2000 she moved with her family to Waiheke Island, New Zealand.



Rosemareyn van der Sluis

Rosemareyn has been steeped in mysticism and spirituality her whole life having been brought up by a grandmother who studied metaphysics. Born on the island of Java, educated in the Netherlands, Rosemareyn has studied with masters of many different disciplines including Michio Kushi (macrobiotics); Jan Vermeulen (yoga); Veronica Sherborne (movement); and Swami Muktananda. Trained as both an actress and a teacher, she has taught movement, drama, t’ai chi, yoga, meditation and shamanic healing. She considers herself a lifelong student of mythology, psychology, astrology and healing and is a gifted intuitive.

Drawn to New Zealand in 1977, she has been involved as an organiser and presenter at healing festivals and women's gatherings and has led workshops throughout NZ. She is a registered Celebrant. Rosemareyn delights in her sanctuary space on Waiheke Island where she has lived since 1986.

Rosemareyn is in semi-retirement and does not seek an active practice. However, for those who feel their issue is intensely spiritual, or who feel drawn to do so, Rosemareyn is happy to be called on. Email Rosemareyn.

QUEST 13 is a synthesis of many different influences, born of the creativity, the personal search for wholeness and the synergy between Lori and Rosemareyn.

"I have attended heaps of courses, life growth weekends, had healings in lots of modalities all of which have been great in their own way but really nothing has achieved the result that QUEST 13 has. It goes to the core of the issue quickly and achieves very deep and profound change. The remarkable thing for me is the simplicity of the process that integrates so much knowledge and so many different healing modalities and pulls them effortlessly together to achieve outstanding and long lasting results."
Debby, Nelson, June 2005

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