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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all sessions confidential?

Yes, completely.

Is QUEST 13 the same as psychotherapy or counselling?

No. However it is partly an emotional/mental process so we do spend time talking. But we do other things as well.

What other things do you do?

We use simple healing techniques to create a shift in your energy field. They may involve movement, deep breathing, colour or sound therapy, essential oils, etc. We find out which techniques you need by muscle testing so every session is unique.

Do I have to take my clothes off?


Will it hurt me physically?


Will it be emotionally painful?

Sometimes people find that sessions bring up feelings for them but the process will ensure you move through them easily.

Will I cry?

It's possible, some people do. You will probably also laugh. Sessions are conducted in a light way. We do not focus on the negative experiences from your past, although they may be mentioned. If you cry it will usually be because you are touched by an insight, or you feel connected to yourself in a new way. Crying is usually a relief and a release.

Will I be able to go back to work afterwards?

Lots of people do. However, some people find the first session to be quite tiring and it is a good idea not to plan anything strenuous afterwards so you can rest and reflect on your insights.

How does it work?

Quantum physics explains that everything is just energy. Inside the atom, electrons jump between orbits (the quantum leap) when conditions are right. The aim of each QUEST 13 session is to create the right conditions for a quantum leap to occur. We do this by questioning you to identify the changes you want to make, and then using muscle testing (kinesiology) to find out how to create the precise conditions in which an energy shift will occur within you, then and there. Once the energy has been realigned, you will automatically perceive your life in a more positive way and it will be natural for you to act differently from then on.

"Without my being able to understand at the mind level, it felt to me like quite extraordinary shifts were made. And after having worked psychotherapeutically, I was intrigued at how very quickly you identified and zoned in on deep core areas that have hindered me in my life - apparently with very little conscious direction on my part."
David, Auckland, Nov 07

Do I have to understand quantum physics for it to work?


Do I have to believe in it for it to work?

No. Many people come feeling sceptical. Nearly everyone finds that their scepticism is challenged and overcome. There is so much in our world that is beyond explanation, but still works without us being able to define our understanding or grasp it scientifically.

"A dear friend whom I respect a great deal told me about QUEST 13 and urged me to try it. I was sceptical and in the end I thought I would just go to pay lip service to this stuff and get my friend off my back. But it was fab and I have been for 6 sessions over 12 months. It has been a wonderful journey of understanding and healing of my own world. I love the sessions and will continue to go as often as I need to fulfil my growing quest."
Linda, Auckland, November 2007

How long do the positive benefits last?

It depends how entrenched the negative patterns are. As an example, if you have held yourself with one shoulder higher than the other for 20 years, when you get straightened out it may feel weird and your tendency may be to raise the shoulder back to where you are used to it. The same can be true of emotions. If we are used to being depressed, that will feel more normal than being joyful. You may need several sessions to reinforce the new way for it to feel normal.

How many sessions are needed?

See the answer above. Also, the effects of each session are quantum, in other words, the energy ripples out to effect all areas of your life. One session can have a dramatic effect in shifting your perceptions and improving a stuck area of your life. However, some people find it supportive to have on-going or top-up sessions every two or three months, to keep moving forwards and be supported in creating the life they want.

"I have sessions with Lori when I reach a point on my healing journey where I feel stuck and need to shift something in order to move on. She is a very competent professional with an incredible depth of knowledge and skills who works with the divine to facilitate healing. I have found her skills and depth as a healer are just the right ingredients to help me on my own journey."
Eleanor, Waiheke Island, October 2007

Are phone sessions as good as seeing you face to face?

My clients find them just as effective.

"I wanted so much to say how much you helped me in today's [phone] session . It is FANTASTIC. Really fantastic. I think today we bridged The Big One and I feel so much more centred and safe and warm inside. It is a great feeling."
Vivienne, Auckland, Sept 2007.

Who comes for sessions?

Men as well as women, often couples together. Children and teenagers. I work with babies using the Higher Self Application and have even worked with animals with very good results.

What kind of issues do people come with?

  • ◊ anxiety and depression
  • ◊ business decisions
  • ◊ career decisions
  • ◊ coming to terms with death in the family
  • ◊ conflicts with neighbours or business colleagues
  • ◊ family dynamics
  • ◊ feeling confused about your life path
  • ◊ feeling ill at ease with yourself
  • ◊ feeling not good enough
  • ◊ feeling stuck
  • ◊ financial issues
  • ◊ general unhappiness
  • ◊ major life transitions
  • ◊ nightmares
  • ◊ obsessions
  • ◊ panic attacks
  • ◊ parenting problems
  • ◊ physical complaints
  • ◊ pre or post surgery
  • ◊ relationship issues
  • ◊ wanting to give up smoking
  • ◊ wanting to lose weight

What is the significance of the heart graphic on this web site?

The QUEST13 process is modelled on the ancient myth which is found in all spiritual traditions: a seeker (you, for example) goes on a journey, braving the unknown in search of the grail. S/he overcomes obstacles, gains insights and returns home transformed. This is the aim of every QUEST 13 session.

The heart graphic is a visual representation of the quest: you start in the left hand spiral – spinning in a vortex of confusion or pain. On choosing to begin the quest for self transformation, your journey first takes you downwards, to the underworld, where you will confront your negative beliefs and fears.

At the lowest point of the journey you face the centre of the heart – crossing the threshold to push open the closed door and find the light beyond. Having been blessed with healing and understanding your path leads upwards, back to the world of daily reality.

You conclude the quest at a higher level from where you started; you are spiralling outwards on a new trajectory, experiencing the world with new energy and commitment.

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