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About Lori

This is the web site of Lori Forsyth, healer, teacher, author, and co-creator of QUEST 13. Lori gives healing sessions to people around the world by email and telephone as well as seeing individuals and couples in her Auckland office and at her home on Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

QUEST 13 sessions help you to move beyond your old patterns, healing the past and creating a future for yourself based on freedom and consciousness.

The results of a QUEST 13 session include:

  • ◊ understanding and insights
  • ◊ a marked shift in perception
  • ◊ ongoing positive changes in behaviour
  • ◊ strategies for maintaining balance after the session
  • ◊ increased self acceptance
  • ◊ greater energy for achieving goals
  • ◊ an expanded sense of inner peace and trust in life

Please take time to explore this web site to find out more about the QUEST 13 process and how it might assist you in your personal quest for self transformation.